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Introduction to ZMSK

Introduction to ZMSK

ZMSK is dedicated to the research, development, and production of intelligent terminal integrated devices. We offer comprehensive services, including R&D, manufacturing, and OEM customization. Not only do we support product development and production based on customer requirements, but we also accommodate customized production based on client-provided designs and materials. Our proud advantage lies in having a high-caliber team integrating software and hardware design and development, enabling us to provide holistic solutions for our clients.

Our primary focus revolves around the development of intelligent interactive terminal integrated devices, identity verification terminals, self-service inquiry and payment terminals, queue management systems, visitor management kiosks, and paperless meeting systems, among other intelligent terminal equipment. Our products feature innovative and ergonomic designs, exuding an upscale aesthetic while emphasizing quality. Furthermore, our devices offer diverse installation methods, including wall-mounted, desktop, floor-standing, and embedded setups. Additionally, our device systems are compatible with multiple operating systems, including Android, OpenHarmony, Windows, UOS, as well as various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. We also provide a range of screen sizes and layout options, catering to different needs, from single screens to multi-screen configurations.

Our products find wide applications across governmental offices, service windows, healthcare self-service systems, educational institutions, banking facilities, tax offices, judiciary, and medical settings, among others. In both product design and manufacturing processes, we pursue excellence, employing advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure product reliability and stability. We are committed to delivering outstanding user experiences while providing superior products and services to our customers.

As a leading smart manufacturing technology company, we actively pursue innovation and development, continuously enhancing our technical prowess and R&D capabilities. Equipped with advanced production facilities and a robust quality control system, we guarantee stable and consistent product quality. Upholding the principle of "technological innovation, service supremacy, becoming the trusted developer and manufacturer of intelligent devices," we strive to deliver better solutions and products to our clients. We look forward to partnering with industry collaborators for mutual growth and success.

Embark on a journey towards an intelligent and bright future by joining hands with ZMSK!

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